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How It Works

Don't know what gift to give this year?

We have the solution



  • Create a page for your loved one on our site

  • Invite other participants to put money & notes towards the trip

  • Give toward their upcoming travel & write them a love note

  • Surprise your loved one with their Adventure Fund


  The recipient receives

  • money for travel

  • Love notes from each giver

  • their very own travel page

It's that simple

Let us help you give someone you love 

a gift they will never forget

Greek Paradise
Road Tripping
Washington Monument
Frozen Landscape
Ruined Ancient Architecture
Road Tripping
Jal Mahal

 Give your loved ones the gift of travel, adventure, experiences, and memories

Your Adventure Fund is your online experiential gift-giving platform


Experiences and Memories bring more joy to us than material gifts

Let's forget about the gag gifts and give them something to remember! 

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