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Recipient Name's


Adventure Fund

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C. Full Name has set up a secret

Adventure Fund for C. Gender relationship R. Full Name

for R. Gender Occasion!

What is an Adventure fund, you ask?


It is a digital travel fund for a loved one's

upcoming vacation to help them offset costs

or enjoy themself more on their trip.

If you do not already have a gift & a card

for R. First Name's Occasion, here it is!

Please join C. First Name along with close friends & family in

giving towards R. First Name's upcoming trip to Destination!


R. First Name will receive R. Gender surprise Adventure Fund,

a link to R. Gender custom travel page,

and R. Gender love notes page for R. Gender Occasion.

R. First Name will receive R. Gender adventure fund on Date!


give your monetary Travel gift to R. First Name Below.

write R. Gender a message on R. Gender Love-notes forum. 

share this page to spread the the word to others!

*SHHHH... This is a surprise collective gift to R. First Name 

So please do not ruin the surprise for her.*

If you want to give a different amount than what's listed, you can add multiple gifts to your cart


  • Adventure Fund fee is 4% & caps at 5 dollars

  • Credit Card processing Fee is 3%

  • Fees already included in Drop-Down Prices

WHat R. First Name will see on R. Gender big day!

This will be a video background like the one up top

Recipient Name


Welcome to your

Adventure Fund!



Happy Birthday!

Hi R. First Name!

Your reciprocal relationship, C. Full Name, has created an

Adventure Fund for you.

What is an Adventure fund, you ask?

It is a digital travel fund for your upcoming

trip to Destination

YOur family and friends have banded together to contribute 


towards your trip!


They have also left personal messages for you on your

love notes page.

Click below to

withdraw your travel cash

View your love notes page

Share your page on social media!

This will show the total amount given by 

Friends and Family

The recipient can withdraw 

their money through PayPal, bank transfer, or gift card

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