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How We Started

In the summer of 2018, Jessy Karelas was in a conundrum...


She wanted to give her mother, Jane, a sentimental gift for her birthday, but all Jane asked for was money toward her upcoming trip to Bali.


Jessy thought to give Jane a gift-card for the trip, but she didn't know what airline Jane was planning to fly, or  where she'd be staying. Jessy's hands were tied. She was forced to give her mom

The lamest of all gifts: cash and a card.

Dave Place, Jessy's boyfriend, realized this was not an isolated incident. Adults always have trouble finding the right gift for their loved ones. It's an age-old problem.

Psychological studies have proven that travel, novel experiences, and memories provide more happiness and fulfillment than material possessions. Yet gift givers are forced to wrap shirts, mugs, and other gag gifts for their loved ones because there are only so many gift options out there. 


Dave looked at the established online giving platforms and realized they were all devoted to honeymoon funds or disaster/charity funds. He wanted to create a giving site specifically around travel and experiences, based solely on love and sentiment, to make gift giving better & easier. 

And so...Your Adventure Fund was born! 

Your Adventure Fund is a collective-experiential-surprise

gifting platform. It provides convenience for givers and

sentiment for receivers. the website makes it easy for givers

to contribute to their loved one's travel, both monetarily (with its partnership with PayPal) as well as sentimentally by leaving personal notes, pictures, and videos on the recipient's love notes page.

Ready to create your first adventure fund? Click here to get started!

Meet The Team

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Matt Tran

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Head of Operations

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Dave Place

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Founder / CEO

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Jessy Karelas

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Head of Marketing

Read Our Reviews

“Your Adventure Fund helped me and my family send my wife on the trip of her dreams: Australia. She was beside herself. I am very thankful for this new service!” 


—  Kalen Thompson, Nashville

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