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  • What is Your Adventure Fund?
    Are you unsure what to give a loved one for their birthday or Christmas this year? Do they have a trip or vacation coming up? We have the answer: The Adventure Fund Your Adventure Fund is an online travel fund that you can create for a loved one. It includes a free custom webpage, a digital travel fund that friends and family can contribute to and a forum to share thoughtful notes. Your Loved One gets a custom webpage, a travel fund that they can withdraw to their personal bank account, and access to their own interactive forum where loved ones have left them personal messages. An Example of Adventure fund can be found here →
  • How much does it cost?
    Setting up your adventure fund is total free! When contributing to an Adventure Fund, there is a transaction fee of 4% which is built into the drop-down prices when selecting your contribution amount. Also, depending on how you pay, other credit card fees may apply.
  • What is a Digital Travel Fund?
    A Digital Travel Fund is an online gift account, funded by friends and family, towards a loved ones upcoming trip or event. The Digital Travel Fund can be redeemed via Bank Withdrawal PayPal Travel Gift Card The recipient of a Digital Travel Fund can use their funds toward their trip in any way they see fit. They can spend it on anything, including adding activities into their vacation or paying themself back for their plane and hotel fare.
  • What can an Adventure Fund be used for?
    The Adventure fund can be used for travel, experiences or anything your loved one desires on his or her trip. Like cash, it is their money and they may spend it however they’d like. Making it open-ended allows for the recipient to spend the money guilt free, completely at their discretion.
  • How do I set up an Adventure Fund page?
    You can create an Adventure Fund page for a loved one by completing our Adventure Form. You will be asked to complete an Adventure Form (a quick information sheet about yourself, your loved one and the occasion.) Follow the link below to get started! For an example:
  • Can I create multiple Adventure Funds?
    You may create as many adventure funds as you like! Completely free. To create more than one Adventure Fund simply fill out a new Adventure Form and submit! To start a new Adventure Fund click here:
  • Can I edit my submission form after I complete it?
    If an error has been made after submission, please contact In the subject heading please label as “Edit My Submission - Last Name of Loved One”
  • How do I give towards an Adventure Fund?
    If you have received a link to contribute to an Adventure Fund. You may contribute by clicking the “give” option on your Loved One’s page. Here you will be able to give via Credit Debit PayPal Transfer We chose PayPal, as our payment portal because of their acclaimed security measures.
  • What methods of payment can I use?
    Your Adventure Fund integrates PayPal to enable credit or debit card payment options for you. You do not need a PayPal account in order to give with a credit or debit card. We accept the following cards…
  • What is the Love Notes forum?
    The Love Notes forum is a place for you to leave a thoughtful message for your Loved One after you contribute to their Adventure Fund. It is meant to replace physical card in the traditional gift giving process. You can post text, pictures and video onto the forum. You can also view everyone else’s notes and comment or respond. The day that the recipient of an Adventure Fund gets access to their page, they also gain access to their Love Notes page.
  • How do I post on the Love Notes forum?
    To post in the Loves Notes forum, you must create a forum profile by signing up. This will give you a screen name so that you can create posts. If you do not have a log in, create one by clicking on the “Log In” button on the top right of the website. Once you have logged in, you are able post a personal message, a picture, or a video on your Loved One’s forum page. To post a note, Login Go to the Love Notes tab in the website header Click “Create a New Post” Write a personalized message/image Click “Publish”
  • Do I need to sign up to post on the Love Notes forum?
    Yes, in order to post to the Love Notes forum, you must create a profile by signing up. Sign up by clicking on the “Log In” button on the top right of the website.
  • How can I share an Adventure Fund page with others?
    To share an Adventure Fund with friends and family, copy the personalized URL link from your browser and paste it in a Facebook message, email, or text message. Here is an example of a personalized URL link.
  • How do I upload a photo?
    If you are completing an Adventure Form, upload a photo of your Loved One by selecting "upload photo of recipient". From there a folder will pop up. You may select any photo jpg from your computer. Note: The max file size is 15mb. If you are posting a photo to the Love Notes forum, Login Go to the Love Notes tab in the website header Select your Loved One’s forum Click “Create a New Post” and click the Camera thumbnail Choose a picture from your computer Click “Publish” If you’d like to post multiple pictures, choose the “gallery” icon in the forum post.
  • How does the big "Surprise" work for the recipient?"
    When creating an Adventure Fund, you fill out the date in which you’d like your Loved One to receive a link to their Adventure Fund (their birthday, Christmas, graduation day, Father’s Day, etc.) On that day, your Loved One receives an email from us giving them access to their Custom Page, Digital Travel Fund, and Love Notes. There is no better surprise gift than a collective travel fund and thoughtful messages from your closest friends and family! See an example:
  • I am a recipient, what are the methods of withdrawal?"
    As a recipient you can withdraw your adventure fund through PayPal Bank transfer Gift card For more information on how to withdraw click here:
  • Can I get a refund after I give?
    If you have accidentally contributed an incorrect amount to an adventure fund and would like to request a refund. Email us at or call us at 508-648-8662. We will respond within 24 hours of your request to correct your contribution amount and refund the remaining if in excess. For example: Accidently choosing to give $500 instead of $50.
  • How do you guarantee that Adventure Fund funding goes to the correct beneficiary?
    When a recipient wants to withdraw their funding, we ask for a government issued form of identification and their banking information. We verify that their banking information matches their identity. This protects contributors as well as the recipient to guarantee that funding is going to the correct place.
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